We have developed different techniques and tools for the production of fresh products in primary and manufacturing sectors. For this reason, the national and international certifications and regulations that guarantee the quality of the products and processes used within the company are necessary.


These certifications guarantee worldwide compliance with regulations for food safety, as well as good agricultural practices.
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Good farming practices

We are constantly growing, which is why we dedicate our process of planting, harvesting and post-harvesting of our crops to meet the necessary requirements for a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly production.

Safety Process



In order to provide our customers with the best quality, During our harvest season, we select samples of the product to analyze, prevent and combat diseases in our jicamas.
We are constantly inspecting our lands to conserve fertility and minimize pollution through sustainable soil management.

Water treatment (irrigation agriculture)

The importance of the quality of our product comes from water treatment. We are committed to health and the environment, which is why we carry out frequent analyzes of the water used in our fields to ensure that they are free of contaminants or hazardous substances.

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Seed Production

During this process we obtain and produce the best seeds in the region, maintaining the best quality in an organized and controlled manner, ensuring from the beginning the reduction of sanitary problems obtaining a suitable product to start planting.

The selection, drying and storage processes are manual and take approximately 1 month.

Our commitment to the best quality.

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